FAQ: “What’s my production style?”

I have been fielding this question a fair amount lately so I figured what better use of the Blah-g than to attempt a mass answer to a relevant question. The short answer to this question is honestly that I hope to not have a specific production style.  And I don’t mean that in the dick-ish […]

AutoTune. AutoTune! AutoTune?

Contrary to the modern temperature of the debate, I don’t have a scorched earth stance on AutoTune.  It doesn’t set my hair on fire, I don’t think its ruining music, and I respect your opinion on it knowing that it might differ from mine.  AutoTune just happens to be a polarizing practice since it’s a […]

Not a scene, Not a sound…

This is a workspace.  I realize it sounds a bit vanilla in an landscape where we are constantly trying to distance ourselves from the bland.  But it’s just the truth- vanilla, mint chocolate chip, or otherwise.  The significance of this place is that is provides a controlled environment for you- and I – to be […]

Nostalgia is for the Week.

I am not a nostalgic person.  Call me an optimist, unsentimental, whatever.  I just prefer to look forward. But this is the one week of year where I catch myself looking back at where I have been, the people who have come through here, the noises we have made, the relationships I have, how I […]

What the f— happens in a Pre-production discussion?

Pre-production discussions are some of my favorite conversations. Aside from easing general anxiety (and proving that we exist beyond email addresses), they allow us to have a pressure-less conversation about the specifics of your project.  Here is a hit list of things that generally get covered in a Handwritten preproduction discussion. Tour of the Space. […]