I Belong to The Shuffle Generation.

Anyone that has worked with me is aware of how little I am concerned with the genre or style of music I’m working on, listening to, etc.  I don’t believe that good or bad music is tied to any specific genre, style, song structure, recording scenario, or format.  I believe in the effectiveness of communicating […]

In Other(s) Words.

“As a songwriter and someone who values certain recording aesthetics, I really appreciate working with Rick at Handwritten Recording:  he is not just an engineer (though he’s a really good one!), he is a collaborator and a resource.  Rick knows music and he is interested in what works best for the song rather than putting […]

50 Things I Have Learned in 10 Years.

Yesterday marked the 10th anniversary of the first recording session here.  To commemorate that achievement, here are 50 things I have learned along the way. No two recording sessions present the same opportunities / challenges / snack options / inside jokes. Everyone loves talking about food. Most people don’t give a shit about compression thresholds, […]

Producer v. Engineer: You may care, I sure don’t.

One of the most common questions I get is, “Do I produce records?”.  Super fair question.  I actually think its a better question to gauge personality on the response more than anything else.  (musical rorschach test?) Anyways, my stock answer used to be “No, you do. I’ll help.” – but I’m starting to think it either […]

Mastering Misconceptions.

I have been mastering a fair amount of audio here as of late and wanted to take a moment to post about it.  The misconceptions about the process are starting to become apparent and, judging by the relief I sense in the wake of some initial conversations, this post might be of some use to […]